Very Big Dick: The Most Exciting Night of My Life

I was devastated at the time and I’ve lost all hope in love and life. I was getting through a rough divorce and it was all I was able to think about. I couldn’t even think about sex. I couldn’t even watch videoclips anymore. However, one night, girls took me out dancing, although I couldn’t even think about having a good time. I went just because I didn’t want to offend them. During the entire night, a man at the bar was staring at me. He didn’t approach me, he didn’t say a word. He was alone, sipping his drink and undressing me with his eyes. I was intrigued. Somehow, it wasn’t freaky, it was sexy.

At one point, I went to the toilet. I closed the doors behind me and went into the cubicle. I heard somebody else entering the toilet, but I thought it was another woman. But then I heard the main doors being locked. After a finished, I got out only to see the man holding the key of the toiled, smiling at me. He said: “The key will be on the sink, you can take it and unlock the doors anytime you want.”

He approached me and kissed me. I was in shock but I realized that I’m kissing him back. Moreover, I realized that my arms are around him and that I’m hugging him passionately, pulling his body to mine. I wasn’t sure what it was that I’m doing, but my body was. My body wanted his big cock really badly. So I decided to finally let go. I slipped my hand into his pants and grabbed his cock that was half awake. Immediately, I decided to change that.

I pushed him to the sink and he leaned on it, I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, revealing his semi-hard cock. I fell on my knees and I restrained from touching him. I just revealed my big tits and started touching the tip of his cock with my tongue. I brushed it with my tongue, and then I started licking it from the top to the base. Then I let it enter my mouth and I took it all the way in. I held it in my mouth and sucked it lightly. I could feel it getting warmer and bigger. In no time, it reached its full size and it got as hard as a rock.

I heard him moan and that turned me on amazingly. I started sucking and licking and gagging myself with his cock which made him even hornier. I took me up and bent me over the sink. He fucked me from behind like he was stabbing me with his hard cock. My pussy loved it. I came in a minute with a scream. I could see that he was near as well. He just pulled out and, since we were in a public place, he didn’t spill his jizz on me, but in a sink next to me.

“I’ll take that key now.” I said.

I have never seen that guy in my life. But that night was amazing and just like one of those public sex videoclips. From that night on, I realized that my love life wasn’t over and that I can move on if I wanted to. So I did! You can watch now Eronavt very big dick movies online.